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Chicken or the Egg? Large Contact Strategies

I’m heading into a meeting today to review a proposal on this, so I really shouldn’t post this morning about it (as will probably have more insight later today!) but read this in my RSS aggregator and wanted to talk about it: Ryan Deutsch of Strongmail’s post on EMM vs. ESP solutions for large event-based transactional messaging systems. What a mouthful.

He brings up some great points, namely the access to response data from each campaign and feeding it back to the system that is segmenting and issuing the lists. While there’s a lot of gut marketing out there, numbers prove the points, so having response data on each lifecycle series/ event email, and the goals of each, is vital to maintaining and expanding working programs.

One thing for me is that these systems don’t just “pop up” miraculously out of nowhere. They are a steady evolution from insight and lessons. It’s an organic, historical beast that came out of years of work from other marketers. Sure, there’s always the urge to want to wipe out the old and put in the new, but what we’re missing out on is all of that detailed testing that went into it.

On a contact strategy diagram I recently did, I took into account the inactive, former programs (with response metrics). I’m not surprised now that one of them is getting embraced again- as we all know in email marketing, things change. What was a problem 3 years ago could not be an issue now. What was a roadblock or obstacle internally due to various issues, could have dissolved.

Final note- while large, complex event messaging is great for so many reasons- better relationships created with relevant, timely messaging, they are very complicated, and the more information that goes into them, and the more you respect the existing framework, the better and strong they will be (and more understood, and better communicated internally.)

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  1. For an email campaign to be successful two very important pieces must be in place. 1. The software chosen should be easy, reliable, be used in a HTML and Text vesrion and have ready customised templates to use. Spam checks and how the email will look in browsers are also essential. As well as open, clickthrough stats, autoresponder sequences are crucial. 2. The strategy behind your campaign must be also be rock solid. What are you trying to accomplish, the methods to get there and how will you know you have arrived.

    Comment: Kurt Johansen – 17. April 2008 @ 7:15 pm

  2. Kurt- true, and yet here I’m trying to look at overall large contact strategies, beyond the single set of 1 or 2 emails that go out in a series. Instead, a higher level view of the entire progress of contacting someone over their lifetime with the business.

    Comment: banane – 17. April 2008 @ 7:26 pm

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