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Leveraging Social Networks: Twitter & FriendFeed

How does one leverage the social network world as an entrepreneur, small business or company? I’m reading Jeremiah Owyang’s article on FriendFeed, What Friendfeeds, Micromem Means For Your Brand, and Tamara Gielen’s article on using Twitter, How Did I Add the Twitter Window, on her use of Twitter and its dialog with other email experts, on her blog.

Jeremiah’s tips:

However, if you’re attempting to evangelize your company using social tools, you can create a user name around your brand and start to aggregate your brands social assets in one location. Then, you can have conversations with those that have an affinity with your company, learning and sharing with them. Do not think of this tool as a one-way publishing systems, it’s an interactive conversation of give and take. In the long run, content created about your brand (employees or customers) will aggregate into one location. This will be particularly effective for product lines, events, and launches.

Tamara’s tips:

In this case I created a separate Twitter account called “emailexperts” and with this account I’m following a bunch of email professionals. The feed shows all the people that I follow with this account. Want to be added? Just follow @emailexperts on Twitter and I’ll follow you back :-)

Jeremiah’s talking more 10,000 foot pole about implementing the social network phenomenon for businesses, Tamara is more hands-on about it. I believe that if setup effectively- a friend is setting up Facebok apps for politicans, along similar lines- it can be a very powerful tool for any brand or business.

Managing two twitter accounts is tough, and it’s not quite built for it (no unique sessions per browser so you have to eithe rmaintain two browser types (firefox/safari/i.e.,etc.) or log out and in each time to switch personal-to-professional.

I’m still in a learning curve with FriendFeed (FF), and it ends up a bit mise en abyme* when you have FF posting feeds to Facebook, which posts feeds to FF. (Same with Flickr). Still aggregators like this make the hyper-communication so quick and easy.

The twitter account for Adventures here is “advent_in_email” or via my email address-

* the effect of standing between two mirrors! Love this phrase.

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