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Thoughts on My Social Media Talk Last Night

Last night we huddled in the gorgeous office space of McCann Worldwide in Jackson Square, San Francisco, and talked for hours about social marketing. It was intense, fun, and a little exhausting. Presentation will go up soon, but until then we have a “handout” online, at the SF WoW Blog. I met some fun people and heard about some exciting projects. A couple of highlights:

- Gentleman asked me what my “personal social marketing strategy” was. I couldn’t stop with a oneliner: “Wish I had one.” Ended up talking about following your passions, reaching out to people you find interesting, keeping up with commitments, and always exploring new tools.
- Co-presented with Janet Fouts who just amazes me with her knowledge of all of the tools and uses of Twitter. She is my Twitter Queen.
- Standing outside afterwards, on our way to favorite tapas place, Boccadillos on Montgomery, I was bemoaning how I’d miss all of our conversations planning the talk, and Janet looks at me and goes, “I think this is only the beginning.”
- Showing the Seesmic video, and the hushed silence as the audience was taken in by the drama of it. And then when I was checking in with Rebecca (event organizer) afterward, about whether that was a good add, and she goes, “That was so social marketing.”
- Mary Choy freaking out about mood pencils. You just never know what part of the presentation will stick with people!
- Realizing in the Q&A period that we really hadn’t focused on the FaceBook strengths, despite diving into a case study earlier on. Twitter just dominated.
- Some really good and pointed questions in the wrap-up, about choosing a good blogger, the approaches, and how much time to devote.

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