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Eve of the Summit- What are the hot topics?

MailChimp at Email Insider Summit
I flew into Park City, Utah, today and took the shuttle up to the lodge. During the flight I thought about what would be the most serious issues for email marketers. Fellow conference-goer and company in the hourlong shuttle ride- Mike Fitzgerald from AdKnowledge- helped me compile this list of current hot topics in email.

- Lowering budgets in other marketing areas means a couple of things: doing more with less, getting more input from other departments (because their budgets have been cut) and being even more accountable for email’s ROI.
- More pressure to come up with clever, unique, funny, and insightful creative to set yourself apart from competition. In the downturn existing creative teams are going to get more pressure to create innovative campaigns.
- Mike pointed out that deliverability is largely a non-issue now, but I added that consumers increasingly perceive permission email as spam.
- Social networking and media is ramping up in popularity but will probably suffer from the downturn, putting more pressure on email as a dependable and traditional revenue stream.
- To keep up the revenue from email, firms will more and more have to integrate transactional and lifecycle emails, which adds more complexity on the back-end.

Like a time capsule, it’ll be neat to check back and see if these really are the topics most folks are concerned with!

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Written on Monday, 08. December 2008 at 01:38 In the category EmailSummit MailChimp. Follow the comments via RSS here: RSS-Feed. Read the Comments. Trackbacks- Trackback on this post. Share on FriendFeed

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  1. Hi Anna. I wanted to clarify my comments about deliverability. While I think deliverability will always be an issue in this industry, it’s becoming less of a black art and more of a manageable science. With increase transparency, FBLs and whitelisting programs at ISPs and good third party certification programs, deliverability is more and more predictable for responsible senders.

    Another hot topic we discussed was the increasing need to optimize creative for inboxes where images are disabled by default. I know that’s a message you often champion, but it still amazes me how many marketers spend so much on creative development, yet fail to include basics like image ALT tags.

    Enjoyed our conversation and look forward to many more at the summit!

    Comment: Mike Fitzgerald – 08. December 2008 @ 11:18 am

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