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At sushi with two email marketers last week, I found myself answering the question “How do you follow 500 people?” and realizing it’d be a good blog post!

Tweetdeck. It’s one of the Twitter add-on tools, clients, that helps you organize your feeds. So I separate a few high frequency twitterers (@jowyang, @mashable, @MackCollier, @karllong) into that pane. Then, I create a group of people I know face-to-face, and then I have a group of email marketers- folks I’ve met at conferences, blogs I read, etc. in the world of online and especially email marketing- and then there’s the freeforall category.
- Other people use Twhirl, too.

FriendFeed. It’s a feed aggregator, one of an ilk that’s getting more and more popular. You can create groups, like Tweetdeck, and follow those, or simply watch the main flow of your friends. It’s hard to explain- in written terms- but I’ll give it a try. You can have as many feeds go into your “stream” as you want. I have Flickr, Twitter, Disqus, etc. I also follow a bunch of people, adn see their streems. OK so my main stream consists of 400 or so people and their feeds. There is an algorithm that determines the top of the dogpile on my main stream. So highly commented, popular, or recent feed items will pop up there first. What makes it different than Facebook’s “status” page is: I also see friends of friends. If their content is deemed worthy enough by the all mighty algorithm, their stuff will pop into my feed, making my social circle (potentially) a little wider.

But remember, it’s not a numbers game! As an editor told me last week, quality > quantity.

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  1. Tweetdeck is a great solution to using the Twitter firehose. I only wish that they offerred a way to customize the sound notification by group so that I would know right away who said something.

    Comment: @wbw_Jeff – 18. February 2009 @ 10:21 am

  2. Hi, I am a big fan of tweetdeck. It makes life following ‘twitters’ so much easy.
    I am @kurt01 if you are looking for info on email marketing.

    Comment: Kurt Johansen – 13. March 2009 @ 9:49 pm

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