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In my inbox today I got two very different companies sending the same kind of email: Williams-Sonoma and Ticketmaster both included an HTML calendar in their newsletter. For Williams-Sonoma, culinary sessions in their downtown SF store, Ticketmaster showing me nearby band dates. I love the calendar- it’s great for people who like information in diagrams, and personalizing to my regional area is very appreciated, but the technical design technique Williams-Sonoma used was all wrong.

In Gmail, Ticketmaster’s rendered so well I had to keep checking that it was Gmail. The most restricted webmail out there, yet Ticketmaster really embraced the challenge and created a great-looking calendar.

In Yahoo Beta, Williams-Sonoma didn’t render so well with all of thsoe broken images in each day of the calendar. Are images really necessary in a calendar? Are there going to be pictures of a chicken leg for the chicken preparation class?

Williams-Sonoma: Yahoo Beta! Sample with images blocked.
Williams-Sonoma, images blocked

Ticketmaster: Gmail, with images blocked.
TicketMaster calendar images blocked

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  1. [...] written about them before, and their calendar needed some help, mostly because broken images all over the design made it look [...]

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