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Why Social Media? Part 2

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As we all know- with any marketing campaign keeping it relevant is the key to success. It’s really no different in with social media, but the great thing is — you can have a little more fun with it.  They are a fan for a reason, now keeping your fans engaged, is just like any relationship. You need to work on it!  

Here are a few ideas of where to start on messaging:

  • Support current marketing campaign
  • Social media only offers
  • Current mainstream topics
  • Integrate current email campaigns
  • Product and service awareness
  • Pre product launch sneak peek
  • Member feedback 
  • Market research -  Vote
  • Did you know? Little known trivia or facts regarding the product.
  • Customer service response- managing customer concerns or questions
  • Video – Photos, other media or access that you may have to the product
  • Sweep stakes / Give away- low cost or inexpensive freebies, or access that you can offer customers for a contest
  • Inspirational content- create some creativity, this is harder to do but usually has the most impact.

Once you have an idea of what they are responding to, ask for their feedback (poll app), what they want to see more of and what they haven’t seen!  

Check out this great post from The Email Wars  Examples of Social Media in Email Marketing.

Next up: the customer perspective and concerns.

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