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  • Strong analytical data modeling skills, OLAP and OLTP
  • Earned customer praise and repeat business of top consumer brands
  • Excellent at ascertaining business and technical requirements, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and decreased production cycles.
  • Very experienced in an array of internet technologies- quick learner and adapts to new systems quickly


Kodak EasyShare Gallery 07/2005 – 10/2009
Technical consultant for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) group, designing, implementing, and upgrading 2T membership analysis application and database.

Reflect.Com, subsidiary of Procter and Gamble 05/2004 – 05/2005
Re-designed complicated integrated marketing application, optimizing the data throughput by 100%. Online revenue increased and more importantly, heightened the customer’s online experience. Employee.

American Express 12/2003 – 5/2004
Flew into Phoenix and helped a team of former colleagues detect and develop a patch fix enabling the project to finish on time and on budget. Technologies: MS/SQL, Epiphany 6.0. Independent Contractor

Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) 05/2002 – 11/2003
Managed a team of seven engineers and analysts to successfully implement enterprise-level customer relationship integration (Epiphany 6.0), 2 terabytes in size. Completed on time, within budget, and to full end user acceptance. Independent Contractor

Wheelhouse Corporation 09/2000 – 05/2002
Senior Consultant, Database Group.
Epiphany engagements represented a significant revenue stream for this software and consulting company. I created the design, modeling, and optimization methodology practiced by professional consultants, and I was considered the senior technical consultant for Epiphany partner engagements. Employee.

  • Sun Microsystems. Consulted on customer data warehouse project, designed Java application for customer management. Technologies: Java 1.1.6.
  • Microsoft. Engineer for data management system, designed and implemented XBox warranty system. Technologies: Visual Basic, MS/SQL.
  • Cadence Design Systems. Integrated additional customer data, designed financial reporting system. Technologies: Epiphany 5.0.
  • WellsFargo. Consulted on tail end of failed proof of concept, earning, in 2 months, user acceptance after 2 years.

MiX Media 05/1999 – 07/2000
Technical Lead
Designed, built, and supported Internet-based applications, using CGI/Perl, Javascript, CSS and HTML. Extensive experience generating secure applications for registration and e-commerce. Oversaw and mentored software developers in major projects—leveraging legacy systems for web commerce. Oversaw comprehensive projects from initial customer contact to deployment to post-sales support for notable clientele, including Agilent Technologies, Baan, and Siemens. Employee

  • Siemens
    Maintained Cold Fusion application shopping cart for personal data accessory (PDA) e-commerce site. Managed system during peak holiday season, and integrated content management system with e-commerce application.
  • Agilent (formerly Hewlett-Packard). Designed data warehouse for catalog written content on scientific tools. Wrote in SQL and Java report queries on online content. Customized reporting application with LDAP.

E-Line Productions 06/1998 – 05/1999.
Established talented quality assurance team and robust testing suite for verifying and validating load testing and user simulation scripts for various Dot-Com clients, developed Java and C++ object-oriented software. Employee

Fritz Companies 06/1996 – 11/1997.
Independent Contractor, Technical writer. Wrote online help documentation for shipping logistics software. Independent Contractor

Vividus Corporation 05/1994 – 06/1996.
Product manager at animation software company. Employee

San Francisco Women on the Web (SF WoW) Board Officer, President 1998 – 2007
Core Contributor to Radiant- a Ruby on Rails Content Management System
Current open source contributions: Media asset manager for Radiant, Infinite Carousel (slideshow) for Radiant. Girl-gaming curriculum materials.
Women in Ruby Study Group- 2010


Recognized blog in its niche- Adventures in Email Marketing, 2007-2009.
SF MetBlogs local city blogger, 2005-2009
Social Media video casts on email marketing from a technical perspective
Various sessions at She’s Geeky 2009 and 2010, “The Semantic Web”, “Contributing to Open Source”, “How to Do Lifecycle Email Marketing”, “Teaching Girls To Program- Cootie Catcher”
Social Marketing panel hosted by SF WoW (presentation and video) 2009
“Email Marketing Techniques” East Bay Internet Group (EBIG) presentation 2006
“Buying Software or Building Your Own (In the Internet Economy),” white paper, MiX Media 2000
“Women’s Guide to Getting Into Engineering,” “Introduction to HTML,” “Introduction to the Java Language,” “Introduction to CGI/Perl,” Workshop panels and series, SF WoW , Presenter 2000
“Web Applications for Massive Publication Processes,” MacWorld, Presenter 1999
“Being Digital: by Nicholas Negroponte,” San Francisco Review of Books 1998

Reed College, Portland, OR, Bachelor of Arts in English

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