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Posted by banane on August 10th, 2006 — in

  • 2009 NanoWrimo novel- serialized turn of the century novel, WoodWard’s Gardens
  • Betty G my 2008 nanowrimo novel, is inspired by the Great Gatsby & the Dot Com
  • Beer and Chocolate… Nanowrimo 2007 book in progress, inspired by Pride & Prejudice.
  • Movie haikus.. contribute, read, enjoyhaikus!
  • Killerizr just completed- this is an online murder mystery set in North Beach, a neighborhood in San Francisco, and profiling a new Web 2.0 tool Socializr.
  • Read about the progress of Jiu Jin Shan, an internet movie about the occupation of San Francisco by the People’s Republic of China.
  • Read iMurder, the Dot Com murder mystery revealed in serialized chapters every few days. The series tagged as a WordPress category, iMurder, or start at the beginning: Chapter 1: Troll Under The Bridge
  • Three chapters of Jiu Jin Shan (the Chinese movie) as a novel, request and I can send.
  • Three chapters of Dolls of the Valley, like Valley of the Dolls, but Dot-Com style (but of course!)
  • The novel Like Moses, or Something is the story of a young girl’s decision to skip college and instead try to find her birth mother. A story of how families are formed from things beyond biology.
  • The novel Piano Wars is a story of a young woman who comes to terms with her body image; a young man who stops being a player; and two young teenage sisters trying to find their place in adulthood.
  • The novel Twinners is a fictionalized account of my nephew, who had severe problems at birth. One sister, the vapid single one, finds strength, while the “together” married sister finds her world is not as secure as she thought. The ‘happily ever after’ story of the third sister becomes one of strength and endurance.
  • The novel Not Altogether There was alternately titled “the bitch and the nice guy,” and that’s really what it’s about. You know that snotty girl at work, the pretty one who all the guys like? She snags the only real, nice guy. It’s the story of how a self-proclaimed selfish party girl finds out how to be nice, because of a guy. Set, of course, at a failing dot-com.


  1. Comment by miriam

    Posted on November 7, 2006 at 8:06 pm

    Hi Anna/.\ I am at my brother’s tonight and he just gave me two free tickets to Doubt which is a Pulitzer-winning play now on at the Golden Gate. Do you want to go tomorrow evening?? Tonight is Tuesday. I will call you tomorrow morning if I don’t hear from you via email. Hey liked your T Ho’s blog! Miriam

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  3. Comment by y . daher

    Posted on February 22, 2009 at 9:22 am

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