iMurder Cast

Beth had an easy life. She was one of those folks that made a tidy bundle from Web 1.0 and was modestly living a coosh lifestyle in SF on the residuals. Then one day she finds that one of her close friends died, and the police were stalled in solving the crime. Not only does she finds out that they have the most antiquated computer system on the planet, but also that the cops know nothing about the tightknit community of SF’s Web 2.0 geek world. Caught between a rock and a hard place- most of the suspects are her friends and associates- she seeks to avenge the murder of her close friend.
Dt. Sosa
Nothing prepared this 20-year veteran of the force for the seemingly random targets of the iMurder serial killer. He was used to his days bringing down small-time pickpockets and drunk bridge & tunnelers. Now he has to figure out how to decode cryptic dot-com relationships, tech gibberish, and hidden social communities. One of his friends though- from the Salsa class he teaches at the Y, of all things- is hooked up to the community, and has her own reasons for wanting to help the SFPD solve the iMurder crimes. Beth and Sosa make an unlikely team, as she teaches him tech, and he teaches her “old-school” detective work.
Fashions himself as a kind of hacking lothario; found in cafes hacking into your powerbook as you aimlessly get another latte, only to find remnant traces that ‘someone has been on here’ though you’re not sure why. It’s a mystery how he makes his living, in the most expensive city in the States.
See Victims: first victim.
He too was a good friend of the first victim. Struggling to stay one step ahead of the Yahoos and Googles, Mac’s business suffers a blow when their star engineer, Jelly, falls victim to a local serial killer. Was it random, or was there a reason? Mac joins the police with his girlfriend, Beth, to discover the murderer behind it all. Thing is, he’s not cleared as a suspect yet.
He’s the rookie partner of Sosa, and he’s enjoyed the beat so far: hanging out on Columbus and Broadway busting the kids who partied at the clubs. Heck, that was him not so long ago! Now he wanted to land a Russian Hill hottie who would bankroll his (wipes white powder from nose) various activities. Unfortunatley with this iMurder situation he’s had to actually work 40 hours a week and he’s hating it.
Mark Whitley
Mark puts in his time at various start-ups, but just hasn’t been able to make it big. He either joins right after the stock dives, or he vests right after the stock dives. His poor decision making skills extends into women: namely, poobar. He has to witness her rejecting him then dating every single man in his circle. Luckily his love for finely cut fabrics and good hair, in a city that appreciates both, gives him some solace.
Third victim, see Victims.
Joe Standish
Second victim, see Victims.
Tom Donoghy
He knew he’d make some enemies writing the gossip rag for the Silicon Valley, but he never thought he’d be tagged as a major suspect in the iMurder chain. Is it his fault that the first murder victim wrote his name, and the time of her death, in her Moleskine? Probably just a disgruntled commenter.