iMurder Clues

Clue #1
Found in the backpocket of Victim #3, poobar, a business card with a bloody fingerprint. Business card reads: Tom Donoghy, ValleyIst.

Clue #2
Jelly’s got some personal artifacts missing, Beth realizes. She finally finds the most significant, her Moleskine (daytimer) in the cushions of Mac’s couch. It reads, on the day of Jelly’s death, “Tom, 9PM, Fort Mason.”

Clue #3
Jelly’s camera is missing. Beth remembers that Jelly uses Flickr, so she gets Mac to hack into Jelly’s computer and uncover what her recent photos uploaded were. Mac finds some, and prints them out, as they’re being deleted by someone.

Anonymous Tip
Right after Poobar’s murder, two relevant calls came into the precinct (not all calls were, ahem, relevant)

  • “Jelly had stolen a guy from poobar.”
  • Posted some blog rant about it (the boyfriend-stealing) online, but took it down a few days later”