Another serial killer is stalking the streets of beautiful, idyllic San Francisco. For two residents, Jane and Tony, they keep on coming across the victims. Is it coincidence or are they somehow tied to this deadly game? An honest and revealing story of… not! More like a satire with lots of blood and gore. Be afraid if you take your social networks too seriously. You too could become one of the….

The Victims

Unidentified Man in Park
First victim, and found by Jane. He’s got black hair, in his 30s. Middle class clothes.

Unidentified Homeless in Doorway
Tony found this gem near Caffe Trieste. Is he really homeless?

Guy in Gutter
Tony & Jane’s hook-up is thwarted by finding this guy. He’s in the gutter- too much grappa?

Updated with each post

  • all victims have their hands up, extended
  • all victims are men
  • Socializr site is somehow involved in 3rd victim

Other Fun Characters
Jane – angry woman
Tony – ad exec, hangs out in North Beach
Mario – works at Caffe Trieste
Beth – works contract for SFPD
Sosa – Detective with SFPD
Mikey – New Detective with SFPD
Eric – Digerati

Follow the Story

Chapter 1: Pedestrian Rush Hour

Chapter 2: Love Me

Chapter 3: Back in the Game

Chapter 4: On a Roll

Chapter 5: Drunk & Happy

Chapter 6: WFH

Chapter 7: Wow, You’re a MicroCelebrity? That is So Cool.

Chapter 8: Bologna, MySpace & Vov

Chapter 9: Newbies & The Rules

Chapter 10: Handling the Competition

Chapter 11: 2 Degrees

Chapter 12: Stairs & Flakes

Chapter 13: Social What?

Chapter 14: Lurkers

Chapter 15: Living Offline

Chapter 16: Smugness

Chapter 17: In For the Kill