thursday night’s game

Well, the new team guber.. something played last night, and I was so disappointed w/ myself- 4 more personal fouls. The woman I was guarding is a total foul magnet, true, but I jsut have to clean up my play when they’re shooting. Oh well – tons of weird lower calf pain that kept me out of the game. We didn’t win, which kind of made sense since we played the playoffs the night before and were tired. Winning team from Wed. also had a rough game. I think they won though- “the tall team”. Got there a game early on accident and watched Billy’s team. Woke up around 6am with weird leg/knee pain and took some vitamin-I. I think it’s mostly just a weak leg that’s been under a lot of stress lately so I’ll off it for a day or so. I really want to get stronger legs- may start running again.