To Gear Up or Not to Gear Up

That is the question. I realized I ran 30 mins in a really ancient pair of Reebocks, so I wanted tobuy these New Balances on sale, but, alas, I had reached my comfortable spending limit at Copelands (I know sports basement is better but car is in the shop):
– Nalgene for work!
– bike lock! (the bendy kind of Kryptonite
– new bball shorts in ice blue!
– swim goggles (non-tinted for indoor pool)

So do you indulge and trip yourself out in all the nice finery, or is that a poser mentality and you just get by on your scrappy old t-shirts? I have finally decided that injuries are so awful that you really should invest in whatever to prevent them. Also, whatever gets you excited about going out for a walk, even if it means showing off your new sweatshirt, is fine by me. Money is cheap, health/happiness is more expensive.

Thoughts about sprots stores: It’s so much fun thinking of all the frisbee games, camping, golfing, sweating in new Nike shirts, commercial bliss.

Managed to outlast a binge of laziness and walked home from work yesterday. Magically lost 3 pounds, which I didn’t feel or expect. I have to set a new goal now, since that exceeded it. All water? After only 1 1/2 weeks of new workout schedule? I usually do notice a loss after a “recoup” day, like your body is feeding all of the little muscles that got stretched out, and mellowing out and your metabolism gets back to normal. End of my physiogomy musings.

One of the good reasons for blogging workouts is that it’s far easier to track progress than just relying on your feeble memory.

Going swimming tonight, then a huge bout of reading for book club book. I really want to hit the polo fields soon. This weekend? After work on Thurs? Playoffs this week :(

Encountered some criticism about how insanely boring a workout blog is, well, it’s not the journal blog (banane5) and it’s not a lovelife blog (which would be full of depressing ramblings now). Instead it’s a “glad I can talk about it here b/c everyone else would be bored silly” blog. For a good blog, in fact an excellent blog that isn’t so self-indulgent as mine but really heart warming as well as just darn fascinating, check out my sister’s blog on getting her son beyond oral aversion (due to complications at birth he lost the suckling instinct and has a feed tube) Nils Learns To Eat

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