I had a great workout yesterday. Went to gym pretty early after work after being goaded by Paul to get there at 5pm (!). DIdn’t have my gym key so went home and got dressed then came back. Ran through the circuit, and I’ve finally moved on from my initial settings and really pushed some limits. I feel pretty sore today from that, but kind of mellow sore, not like being run over by a truck sore (from moving, bball, etc.).

Ran for 30 minutes with 2-minute intervals 5.7, 5.2 at peaks, and 3.7 on the troughs. It was good! It was tough but I stuck with it.

Then did some shooting practice and got some tips from paul, mostly about bending your legs more and shooting with one arm. Solved some problems for me, like how to keep the ball up above people’s faces and still be in a position to shoot. Didn’t fully stretch at the gym but did at home. I’m bonding with Rebecca’s cat Nigel.

Blah, cooking dinenr for folks tonight, have to figure out a good menu! Game Wed.

I’ve written 1492 emails since starting at my new job. And that’s the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue. How coincidental…