healing is hard to doo…

I always think of bad 70s song lyrics for the titles of these entires, the above is more 50s pop, “because breaking up is hard to do…”

Feel almost 100%. Didn’t know I could recover to this point, I must say. Had a meltdown this weekend, but when I describe the situation most people are like, who wouldn’t. I almost can’t believe I used to do this thing regularly. Maybe I realized I hate doing it and understanding the realization is more than “acknowledging a weakness” which is what I thought at the time. So situation: being a passenger, looking at a map, making a big decision, giving directions, driving in traffic with lots of pedestrians, in san francisco, on a weekend, and worrying about hitting head on headrest (ouch). Yeah, not fun.

Sometimes you have little dips and valleys on a general trend upward, so I think this was a dip right before a climb. I brought gym clothes to work today just in case, actually have plans almost every night this week so novel & gym are taking a backstage.