gwen stefani has left the building

For having that ballad in my head for a few days, it has finally left. yay! Worked out last night, did 45 minutes, a total of 250 cals or so (acc. to machines, which lie, we know). Pretty good, ran a few minutes and didn’t feel legs get achey. Legs were not achey this morning either. Did a little stretching this morning. I managed to pull the same weights on lat pull down and chest push. That surprised me. Gym was boring in general, though Ilove going there when it’s cold and rainy. I kind of like the humanity there too, it’s an expensive community gym, a conundrum that’s so SF. We pay a lot to help the homeless that use the shelter there? Not sure. I didn’t get a snarky message from my wellness coach, that was nice ;) I have gained about 10lbs from pre-accident, which is a downer. Must remember, I’m on a journey… don’t beat yourself up when you’re doing things you know are good for you… I really want a massage or Kabuki day.