tsunami SF style

Well we had a downpour, but when I started walking it was only little drizzles. Neighbor at work says that Embarcadero is flooded. Bit of gladness I decided not to walk that way this morning!

Italian pottery seemed kind of odd and tacky this morning, bright, yes, but tacky. I made a point to check shop hours for somethings. The library doesn’t open until noon each day, kind of amazing. There is a good parking lot one block from apartment. The hours on Stella bakery 7 to 7, but I haven’t seen it open yet, and that was 9am. Also kind of amazing. Same with the Bohemian Cigar Store, no hours posted.

Drove around last night doing errands for Laura. If I could walk up curvy Lombard I woul donly have about 7 blocks to her house, but instead I drive about 20 blocks. I can’t wait to put on some tennis shoes and do some more investigating in the neighborhood.

I haven’t been able to do my walk without tying my shoelaces at least once.

The bus that everyone takes is the 15, and goes through Chinatown. Doesn’t seem like a good option, and takes 15 minutes, 10 minutes less than walking. Hmmm.