Foggy Haze

It wasn’t that bright light, but it was an odd haze hanging low over the city. Since it’s so cold, it might have been fog still. Maybe somethign to do with the ground being cold and the air being hot or vice versa?

The hike up the two blocks to Washington Square was an arduous long haul for some reason. I might wake up early and try some of these cafes on the way to work. It was fun walking through Chinatown on Saturday. I checked out a ton of hardware stores, but strangely enough the one that I knew about was still the best. You walk down into aisles and aisles of hardware. On Pacific, near Kearny (1 block from New Asia). The stuff is clean, it’s well organized, and there’s lots of inventory. Good kitchen wares too. I have to say Chinatown is huge, roughly from Powell on Russian hill all the way down to Kearny. I’ve resigned myself to never having hte knowledge of SF’s Chinatown like I knew Seattle’s little one!