shutin on a sunny day

There’s a distinctly Californian feeling that I miss when I’m not here. It’s the “spoiled” feeling of having a copious amount of sunny days to choose from that you end up abusing it. Day two of early March heat wave, and I’m stuck inside doing computer stuff. This reminds me of my childhood so much. Super nice sunny days, fruit bursting, kids playing slip and slide with hoses on the hill out in front of my house, long evenings spent sitting in the warm darkness. Nope, but I’m sitting in front of a computer, or in a matinee, or reading a book in a dark room. Everyone at work is going to this sausage and beer place in Lower Haight. I’m really wanting to wrap up some work for the weekend, so I’m going to stay here.

I saw some *nice* shirts on the way to work- a kind of wrinkly white cross over sleeveless, loose fitting but attractive, and believe it or not a flattering peasant skirt. They exist!

Glare was intense on the way to work. The sun is really shinging through. Even though your eyes hurt from lack of sleep and your legs are all wobby and stiff, you can still do some jogs on intersections to take advantage of the down hill. It was crowded on the “commute” – distinctly, an older woman with a nice black shoulder bag doing a very brisk walk in sandals. A shortish guy with extremely wide shoulders and a pinstripe suit (even though quite young) who walked kind of slowly towards Financial District. Visiting town on business? Wanted to take advantage of a few hours betwene interviews? An Asian girl doing a walk of shame, slinking around with newly laundered hair but that furtive guilty look. Walked from Telegraph Hill to Chinatown. I could be totally misreading this of course. I was kind of on the early side this morning so the Tai Chi was in full swing, and I think what I think is one of the teachers looks like she’s about 100 years old.