blame it on coffee

Friend walked by my desk at work today, kind of aimlessly interjecting “Blame it on coffee”. We batted around the idea. Is it too much? Having a crutch? How much is too much? So yes, blame it all on coffee. Random systems failing at work, hardware dying in the boxes, people forgetting to do integral things for the mailings, all of that. Coffee. Bad, bad, bad.

Walking to work was like stepping through molasses. I got up late, it was the usual 65 and balmy. I have officially doffed the jacket. I’ll regret this tonight walking home through gale force winds, but hey, spring must come at some time.

Two guys were walking in front of me. ONe was kind of “roman holiday” the other was a grown up Napoleon Dynamite. Apparel (because I love this part of the description): black loafers, no socks, black slacks, white golfing shirt. Napoleon: acid washed jeans hiked up his waist, belt, outdoorsy vest, short cropped hair, etc. They were going over the pros and cons of cafes in north beach. “Puccini?” the Roman Holiday guy said. “It’s over there… mumble mumble” I have to get better at eavesdropping.

ciao, bella