the fan dance

Two women were doing tai chi in the park today- the fan dance. My mother informs me that there are many tai chis, with swords, fans, etc. One woman was really, really good. She could balance and seemed to kind of know the next steps. The fans made such a big noise (big, red fans) that you could hear them 2 blocks away. The dancers kind of “snap” them in key poses, I guess. The woman had the ability to look graceful, and kind of menacing, besides also looking strong. They were wearing (because I will always talk about clothes of course) those padded coats and regular slacks, with multi-purpose tennis shoes. Been thinking lately about how Chinese will not get into sweats no matter how hard or casual the surroundings may be. Not a huge advocate of sweats, mind you. Today I was wearing my Western Cowboy outfit, and felt German. All denim, all the time!