the buses, and downtown

Trying to figure out the buses going to North Beach required a PHD in map reading and scheduling. I combined it with an errand to North Beach – doctor requires taking the bus for a few days due to a sports injury – anyways, witnessed an interesting interaction outside of Walgreens. Supposedly, according to a clerk and the manager of Walgreens on sansome and post (I think) a woman down the block was picking up Walgreens receipts that had credit card info on it and using them to do some kind of fraud, also involving stealing wallets. I couldn’t get a coherent story out of the clerk although I was super duper eavesdropping. Annoying panhandler outside of Peets on Battery:
“EXCUSE ME DO YOU HAVE ANY CHANGE?” Said in a really strong forthright manner.
“Sorry.” I mumble
I give himn a kind of startled look because I don’t know what’s up with the yelling/proud talking.
The next time I walk by him:
me: “Sorry.” said in same mumbly way.
him: “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU. GOD BLESS YOU.” It was right out of Owen Meaning.

Ah. Tons of errands and not knowing what order to do them in… North Beach was fun, everyone was out on the lawn having a good time. OK have to continue watching eliminidate.