columbus street, overcast

Got back to walking today. The 30 stockton was waiting for me like an eager suitor, but no, I had to plod along myself. Returning a library book was really the motivating factor. Reality is that taking the bus places is faster, easier, and more comfortable than walking everywhere.

Last night I took the M up to Church and Market. The auto-pilot on the thing did a really sudden, hiccuping stop that threw people together near the head of the train. It was a little too much human contact. I remembered the scene in Crash where the detective in LA says that people get into fender benders because they are always in their cars, and never interact personally with other people. I have to say last night that was a little too much togetherness. Overheard, one teeny bopper to another: “She wouldn’t let us go to like any mall downtown, so like we had to like go to like Stonestown (nervous giggle) like it was so weird, like out there, instead of like here, so like I took her and it was, like, so lame.” That was clearer and more summarized than the actual conversation. Tons of nervous giggles, about everything. “Like, you are so funny! Like (incoherent story follows, never really figure out what was funny about said girl).”