Sunny day, summer solstice

Trying to catch the bus, finally got a 30 going downtown after walking up “the hill”. This is the new technique, halfway bus riding to work and back. Mostly to coddle my foot, but also because I woke up late, and to walk to work, get coffee, and head to massage appt., I didn’t have time unless I took the bus. Then I realized it was foolish to get coffee before getting a massage. Result is that I feel asleep (as usual) on the table.

Yesterday it seemed like I was on my feet all day, which is not good for basketball injury rehab. Walked to work, walked to lunch and back (halfway home) walked to gym, stood during book reading, stood during Spoon show, luckily didn’t walk home.

Basketball- the team had only 1 girl last weekend, my friend, so she had to play the entire game which even the guys don’t do. Funny since we are overstaffed on girls. I guess they all got lazy with our comfort zone of 1+ girl (my friend, is the sub ironically). I’m guiltily thrilled I don’t have to play my old team this Sunday due to injury. They are rough, aggressive, and true a-holes.

Walking home tonight, I lined up for the 15 (after picking up dinner at ye olde Pakwan) and the bus never came. A woman and her daughter split off from her dad and her other daughter and walked up to North Beach, I know this because I ditched the bus stop after her by 10 minutes and actually caught up at Grant and Columbus. Super sunny today, the shops were open and busy. Lots of tourists and locals walking around 6pmish in the late sunshine.