Quiet Neighborhood Notes

so I’m not the only one writing about post offices… (from 6 posts ago) my friends in Paris recently celebrated l’anniversaire de la Poste! Weird we don’t have one… Or is that Ben Franklin’s birthday?

Noe Valley Library

Ok more on civic architecture, can I say that I’ve visited a few SF Libraries, and can now add Noe Valley as a notch on my belt. Cute! Cute! Cute! The neighborhood association, or some busybodies, have put up photo displays of the neighborhood’s history. I found it really interesting, but then again I was enjoying my day off.

Even though Carnegie was a d*** to his kids, I appreciate the libraries and architecture. It’s similar to Chinatown’s, that really haven’t served them well, though. Noe’s hasn’t grown like Chinatown’s, so it’s still a good fit. God, they have a couch in their library. Leather. Amazing. And a huge DVD binder of covers that rivals NetFlix.

Crissy Field

I adore the long windy 1.5 mile walk out to the Warming Hut, with the view of the Golden Gate and Marin Headlands the entire way. I like the wind in my face! My hair in the wind! Ah. And then the reward once you get to the Hut… Today’s meal, when not fending away blackbirds (or, little black birds the name of which I don’t know), was a hot grilled ham and mustard sandwich and a soy latte. rock on! I also love people watching, and the field was full of it. Some big office party was going on near the picnic benches and I was glad I wasn’t in that. Added onto it was that they were doing organized games (sorry Kathy, hate those).

I think those are the only places I’ve gone in 3 days. I’m just recovering from visitors. That’s the way it goes. Manic socialness then cocooning.

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