Stockton Post Office

Overheard at the post office:

(woman on cell phone)
[loud buzzer goes off as she enters post office]
“Yeah, so it was really nice, because we weren’t hanging out with Patrick, which is what we usually do, it was just he and I, and we talked and got to know each other. I felt more mindful. And it was nice after our first kiss, you know? Wow. They don’t have any good Christmas stamps. I won’t buy stamps if I’m not really excited about them.”

[as she leaves loud buzzer goes off again]

Me and another woman, at the self-serve kiosk, chatting about woman who was “not mindful, but mindless…”

Ah, holiday joy in the post office.

I parked at a meter, on Washington Square, across from the post office, with 10 minutes on it!!!!