Power Outage
I just experienced an 8 minute power outage. I wonder if it’s the construction up Chestnut Street. Hmmm. My building slams doors, probably because the alarms are reset or it’s some weird fire precaution. Large hallway doors. I feel like I’m on a submarine and I’m on the wrong side of a sealed door.

JT Leroy
I kind of hate fake tell-alls because they are feeding on the sensationalist leanings of everyone, and yet also making us seem like chumps for being sympathetic. Nobody likes to be made fun of. So I pity the real folks that have had rough lives, who now have to contend with a lot of tests for authenticity. Here is my plug: a really good movie about a woman who struggled, writes well, and can tell a good story. The actress from Sideways, Sandra Oh in The Diary of Evelyn Lau. For each time someone talks to me about JT Leroy or others, I will help the hype of real tell-alls.