Notes from Local North Beach Shopkeepers

random old broken down building on John St. (not ping pong place) photo: me!

That robot-ping-pong place
For months it was closed, but now I walk by it and can peek in the door, and I see a big ping pong table. Last week tons of kids from school were in there. Is it a club of some sort? No, it’s the sales and repair place of a ping pong robotic shoot-er, much like an automatic tennis ball shooter. Will take photos and report back here later. At the intersection of Powell & Greenwich, I think.

Stolen Copies
I was checking in with the printer the other day and she was working on a holiday, because she had to replace the lock. Someone broke into Pip’s on Washington Square Friday Night to… make color copies. I’m going in tomorrow and hopefully she’ll report to me what they were copies of. I’m thinking: porn, or counterfeiting.

Stop Spilling Lattes on the Credit Card Machine
Columbus Cafe, home of the best f***ng schwerma I’ve ever had, on … Columbus and… maybe Lombard… (so bad with street names) has had it’s credit card machien inoperable going on 2 months now. Cashier guy admitted that someone keeps spilling (something) on it. Just like the color copies, the mind wanders…