Medau, Madame, Sunblock, Neighbors, Movie Update

Medau, Madame
Much like someone who says “I love this song!” or “I love this movie,” or “That is my favorite restaurant,” when everyone within hearing knows that they love every song/movie/restaurant, that is how I feel about Medau. It’s my favorite street! Next to Pacific, Hyde, John, the list goes on. How cute, how small, how tree-lined, how architecturally pure, how well-loved by tenants, etc. And how I would love to answer, “where do you live,” with “Medau, madame.”

After touring two playgrounds the other day slathered in sunblock I forgot about my least favorite aspect of good weather: slathering yourself with sunblock. Also, the weird sun-headache I get that desires hours of lying on the couch watching movies where someone says “Shall we go to Bath?”

Neighbors – overheard
I’ve been going to a lot of meetings lately in association with my ‘hood. There, I overhear funny things:
(man married-to-someone-else to woman, both in fifties) “My god you are so fucking hot.”

Said in speech on crime to the tel-hi neighborhood, the Cap’t of the Central district admitted, via Peskin, that his laptop was stolen while he was getting coffee from an AssBucks, whoops, I mean FourBucks, oh no it’s Starbucks. Needless to say many boos followed. And Caffe Roma owner brandished his Caffe Roma to-go cup and pointed. When Peskin alluded to the fact that he hoped the Cap’t was discounted @ Roma, Cap’t said: “more like, I have to pay extra.” I’m assuming this is a joke. Have I plugged Caffe Roma enough? Caffe Roma, at: Columbus between Union and Green, right before Rose Pistola.

Movie Update
Worked on the script today and got quite a bit done. Filling in more information earlier, adding another assasination by the Chinese spy, mostly formatting but it’s all good. Getting an idea more on the format, and recruited a very talented post-production person. I think the June date will probably slip, but I’m still trying to get the screenplay out early.