antonioni: a god

Antonioni: A God

This man is amazing. Saw The Passenger first, was not so amazed, but it brought up those questions running around your head afterwards. Then, got L’Avventura from the library the other day. Watched it last night, and then watched it again with commentary. It was great the first time, mind-bending the second time. I’m not recommending it to people. It’s not really a movie-watcher’s movie, more like a funky art-firm. Watch it 3pm on a Sunday and settle down for a while. Pretty much a moving masterpiece, in black and white, with great acting. Watch it like you would appreciate an old Madonna and Child painting. Not so much symbolism, but visual grace.

I don’t have set opinions as of yet, it’s just very inspirational stuff.

Random comments:
– the pacing of scenes. Slow action, then a fast action.
– dialogue isn’t about what’s going on in the action of the actors on the screen, more random deep distracted thoughts, but done in a very graceful way
– realism without seediness
– strong female characters, growth of character very subtly throughout
– non-symbolic, but settings are meaningful
– layering of themes and meanings
– tips and clues throughout
– open-ended, no obvious closure, mystery vs. “solution”

I think of some of the crazy sets he did: on a boat! on an uninhabited island! no power! in winter!