iMurder Chapter 15: I’m Blogging This

Mikey, Sosa’s partner for five years, sat on the edge of Sosa’s desk. “So I got interrogated by the chief this morning. Do we really think that Mark guy is the suspect for the entire string? I got to tell you, I don’t have any evidence linking him to the second victim, Joe Standish.”

Sosa sipped his coffee. “Beth doesn’t think it’s the same person for both murders, but I have to say this Mark guy is looking pretty guilty for the third victim, Diane. The DA just told me we don’t have enough to hold him until she gets the report on the bloody fingerprints messengered over…”

“The what?”

Sosa put down his coffee cup and rummaged for the photos. “Yeah, at the scene of the crime there was this business card in the victim’s back pocket.”

“I know about that- but there were prints on them?”

“Yep. Oh right, you didn’t know because I got that call when we were waiting for the Mark guy to do a runner. Evidence lab came back that his prints were on them. I can’t believe we didn’t see it, because they’re bloody prints, and positive ID on the blood being Diane’s.”

“It’s like that guy wanted to be caught. I have a feeling he’s just fucking dumb.”

“Well we’re lucky criminals are dumb, it makes our job a lot easier.” Sosa asked Mikey, “So where do we stand with victim number two? Beth’s convinced, for some reason, that they’re related.”

Mikey flipped through his notebook. “I’ve done interviews now with everyone at the event that night, called, get this, SuperDevHouse.”

“Yeah. Whatever.”

“Seems that the vic had a reputation as being an irreverant blogger.”

“What?” Sosa stretched his arms up. “I swear, this case gets weirder and weirder.”

“I take it Mr. Standish wrote about everything that happened to him, from gorey details of his love life to his bowel movements. His friends ran from him whenever they were doing something they didn’t want read by, what was his readership, here it is. ‘Thousands a day.’ Can you believe this? Who would want to hear about his BMs!”

Sosa swivelled to his monitor. “And that site is?”

“H – T- T…”

“I got that.”

“Oh, OK. Double-you, double-you, double-you…”

“Mikey, the site please.”

“You’re getting as bad as our consutlants. Give me a break. OK, it’s… And, that’s the shirt he was wearing when he was discovered.”

“He was wearing a t-shirt, advertising his blog?”

“I guess so.”

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