Jock Post #3: San Jose 1/2 Marathon

(not run by me!)

Two folks I know ran the San Jose 1/2 Marathon: Sally, here having her “jock smile” that she always has when biking or running (or, I call it the “fly catcher” smile). She finished in under 2hours! Go Sally!

Chester has the amazing ability of taking photos while running, and in some cases he also has the skill to be very close to drinking champagne while running.

No deep thoughts about the marathon, except that San Jose is a great place to run in general. You train on trails, which are far more interesting. You can run after work because the weather is warmer. You get lots of interminable flat areas, and hills if you want it. I like the dryness too, that helps with breathing. My experience running this weekend- through the crowds of Fleet Week- made me really wish I wasn’t in a scenic touristy small town, but in a big expansive concrete jungle.