iMurder 17: Blogs Will Keep Us Together

Mac still felt on the outs with Beth ever since he’d told her about Jelly. He knew he was lame for not telling her right when they got back together, but he was just so happy that she was talking to him, it wasn’t hte right time to say, “Oh, you know your best friend? She and I were grinding…” etc.

Now Beth was compulsively tied to this Cuban Detective Man. Was it the uniform? Or the gun? Mac decided he could at least join in the investigation, maybe dig through Jelly’s computer and see if there was anything else of interest. Then he’d have an excuse for a quick meeting with Beth to show her the latest find.

He checked the history of Jelly’s Firefox browser, and seeing frequent references to “”, he remembered suddenly that she had a blog, and that was it! He felt so stupid, how come he hadn’t checked it? They’d spent so much time finding her moleskine when Jelly really kept a diary online that anybody and everybody could read!

When clicked on an icon in the menubar that he thought would lead him to her blog, but instead, it displayed the interface that allowed him to make posts to the blog.

He hadn’t read her blog in a few months- afraid perhaps that she was doocing, that is, writing about work and how she hated to work with him. Oh, the insecurities of being The Boss. He opened another window and looked at her blog, as anybody on the Internet would. “GiggleLoop: Maybe Not So Original?” That was a post, that, according to her click reports, was the most successful. 200 comments, he guessed. Man, Jelly had been keeping this a secret for a while.

Back in the admin section, he did some more investigating, and that’s when he saw that Jelly wasn’t the only one listed as a writer on postpunk: Joe Standish, the second murder victim, was also able to contribute, though he hadn’t as of yet. He clicked around and saw that she had been working on a post, “ValleyIst: Fraudist”. He wondered when Jelly turned into such a closet techno-snark.

In another window, he went to technorati and searched for all references in blogs, to– turned out that Joe Standish’s blog, — had been commenting on Jelly’s murder right before his own death. In fact, he references in one or two lines, the Frauidst article she was working on.

Can we expect the same thorough armchair detective work from postpunk that we got from her GoogleLoop investigation?… a little bird told me she’s working on another scathing revelation…

He wondered how Jelly and Joe had made a connection, beyond this blog. Was it through Jelly’s investigating? It’s like they were connected through this blog. He had to tell Beth. He gave her a call. He also wondered if she’d gotten the photos yet that he’d sent over with a bike messenger. Time for a visit!