Aurora Borealis

photo from here.
Reading a lot about Lapland lately. I have a bunch of ideas for a trip- going to Germany-Poland-Lithuania-Russia, then over to Sweden. Then last night talked to my friend, the one who cavorted around China with me, and got excited about just going to Sweden specifically: the ice hotel, cross-country skiing. Doing some research tonight on the reality of a 3-hour daylight day, and how many layers I’d have to wear to avoid frostbite… I’m a Californian, god dammit! It’s all a bit intimidating, oh, and the train passes are sold out for couchettes (liggplats) from Malmo to Umea. Those are random south and north destinations, just in case, you know, I want to traverse the entire country by train. OK more research required. I might even have to get a travel agent! The goal is to be at the arctic circle on the darkest night of the year: 12/21!