Staying in on Friday Night

Long rambly bit about how I had too many things to do last night, knew I should go to the gym, but just on the offchance, dropped my friend Kathy a note about what she was doing, and she was like- “That’s funny I was going to as YOU.” So gym was out- slothing at Kathy’s was in. She’s got cable. I have a love-hate relationship with cable. I’m so borderline compulsive that I would watch it 24/7 if I owned it. And I end up doing that at my parents’ house anyway. So I do the planned entertainment thing- pick up DVDs at the library, download key episodes off of iTunes- and in rough spots with sports, go to the 3 bars on my corner to watch their cable with my sportsmen comrades. I haven’t met a sports event I couldn’t miss, though, so this hasn’t happened yet. But it’s an excuse, at least, not to get cable.

Kathy had already gotten some DVDs- a Chinese one I’d seen before- Wayne Wang’s Eat a Bowl of Tea, with the babelicious, if stiff, Russell Wong. I hadn’t watched since learning Mandarin. So that was fun to hear Cantonese that I couldn’t really understand.

The point of this post was to say that living in a dense urban center, there are tons of things to do every f-ing night, as FlavorPill SF tells me, and sometimes you need to just not do anything. Live the suburban life- sit on the couch and pour over the minutiae of your day with your friend. She’s on jury and so we have lots and lots to discuss- not about the case, of course. And she introduced me to a new favorite: Man vs. Wild. Watch Bear (that’s his name) escape the Costa Rican jungle in two days, wearing khakis, a white button down, a knife strapped to his leg, and a water bottle. Pretty cool.