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Book Cover Twinners
First, random thing, I got to show my 9 yr old niece this video:

I know it’s been out forever, but still. It’s great.

So one benefit of a 9-yr-old’s party is hanging out with her cousin’s parents, who are: a filmmaker, and a book editor. So we’re having a lively conversation about one of the discoveries of last week (thanks Hunky)- you take yer blawg, and you make a book out of it!

Filmmaker: “Well it’s great because I can have one of our filmmaking recipe books made as one-offs, and guys in Central America can either view it digitally or have it sent directly to them, instead of me making it and posting it to them.”

Editor: “Well those things aren’t edited.”

Me- Un-edited books are my biggest issue with Vanity Presses. If you’re going to invest the money to get published, hire a good editor that understands your style, and take their advice and make the changes.

But the issue with a blog-book, to me, is that the comments alone would take tons of pulp. It’s not a sensitive way of using your resources. Blogs are made with tons of white space, because we’re not killing trees to make them! A friend who is publishing one found it to be in excess of 250 pages, but he said that some comments hadn’t even been read by the author (he was making it for a friend) – and having a coffee table book of your blog is great. My dream book would be my novel (of course) Twinners. I have the front photo already, and I’d want it to be monarch-sized (square). I know of 3 editors, 2 real editors and 1 copyeditor (for the final pass). And voila. When’s it going to happen? Any day now! Let me get back to blogging…