Jury duty means that I can’t write about what I’m thinking about. It’s pretty much sheer agony. My solution was to hang out with my sisters & their kids (4). Kids didn’t pry you with 10 questions about your trial, instead they talked about:

– how many sun spots you have on your arm
– warts
– journals with pet names
– jewels and earrings
– baseball, soccer, basketball
– spiderman
– if being a pirate is more interesting than being a lawyer
– if you get candy at work (this occurs every visit)
– the fair distribution of goldfish crackers
– impromptu puppet shows
– something at school called “Hair Day”
– if you can find their book/shoe/toy/ball

Ah, to be 4, 6 1/6th, 6 and 3/4ths and 9 again.

My sister Amy made that amazing bouquet out of a quick pass through her garden. I can identify roses, alstroemeria & lavender.