Best Holiday Evah.

Friday Eve As I was lying on my back, a little white wine buzz going on, watching little white clouds stream by overhead, and listening to Midsummer Night’s Dream, I decided this was the most ideal holiday ever.

Any holiday where you lie on your back (no innuendo here) repeatedly… two days before I again found myself stretched on a recliner, my roof, listening to a discussion of Dangerous Liaisons with, of course, a mild white wine buzz going on. Tri-tip was grilled, kids were quiet, opera cakes were in their pink box waiting for an entrance.

And before that, listening to a quintet at Pearl’s, with a mild beer buzz going on.

I see a theme here of relaxing, with a buzz. Sigh. Now it’s over and back to the grind. There was an 8.8 mile hike mixed in. I like being trapped in SF on a 3-day weekend!