Night Sail


Took the ferry Friday over to Sausalito. It’s the best $7.50 I’ve spent in a while. If you catch the 5:30 you’ve got great lighting all the way over, and it’s a really short ferry ride (which I think is a good thing.) Then my friend picked me up and we went over to Tink’s slip, and immediately set sail. She’s been sailing solo a lot and I could really tell by the quick, effortless (motorless, too) exit out of the slip!

Javier put up sails and we got out to the tip of Strawberry/Belvedere, dodging the moorings, then swung back and picked up her friend Chris at the first pier. Then it started to get pretty dark. Not all the crafts have lights. We did sail a bit but at one point Tink wanted to motor, so I climbed up front and brought down the sails. I took on the job of calling out boats and unlit buoys (I mean, what is the point?) as we sailed- but the true reason is that it’s so much fun sitting up there in the dark, the sea lions bobbing in and out on both sides of the boat, your eyes get used to the darkness, and the jazz from Spinnaker’s floats over the water. Our solo light above shone down on us but we really couldn’t see more than a few yards in front of us. Luckily there was no fog.

At dock we sat in the cabin and got pizza, and sat in there chewing away thinking up numerous names for Kara’s baby (she joined us at dock). Good times.