Tech Post #13: Notes on the New Purchase of an iPhone


So I’ve had some bumps with my new iPhone purchase. Namely, either I or some wacko AT&T user interface bug got my phone number wrong. I had to get a new SIM and re-activate. Now it is 100% full working order, and after sitting at Pilsner Inn last night with two other power-users, I have compiled this list of comments:

Some little quirks
– Gmail is impossible on the iPhone. Something about how Gmail won’t play nice with POP accounts, and downloading the Gmail front page is silly to simply see the latest 10 messages. Creative alternatives
— my friend Dave suggested creating a new account that is mobile friendly, forward all email to that one, and access that on your iPhone via the Mail client. (thanks Dave!)
— viewing using Safari (sucky)
— Pop-accounting it through Mail, which is the supported method on Gmail help pages. Note: I have not been able to get this working.

– I can’t SSH client. I heard last night that there is some hack. I really hoped to do some apple programming (setting up a custom alarm clock OF COURSE).

– Custom ringtones are just a hack away, too.

Good things:
– I love having a touch iPod. That is super cool.
– For the price (I got mine refurb’d and 4gigs) it is really performing well.
– Better battery life than my $5 Nokia I’ve had for years
– The touchpad typing is strangely easy, and you don’t feel fat-fingered. This is easier than my 9-key SMS method on the Nokia.
– Having two data options: local wi-fi, and the AT&T data (edge). It is great being able to have a back-up data feed.

I still have a long way to go learning how to use this thing, since I haven’t upgraded my phone in 10 years, when flips were “new.” My old phone was the one that you could get on eBay, along with $5. My phone I could hurl across the room, then pick it up, squish it a bit, and it still works. No, I won’t try that with this one. I’m still placing the chamois carefully across the screen every time I put it in my bag!