Business Idea

ferry building morning
I was up before noon the other day- I have a wacky schedule, mainly because I set my own hours. I woke up at 8am and took the F-Wharves to the Ferry Building. Uncommunicative and sleepy, I sat and read the New York Times and waited for my sister to join me. I’m really aware of time slipping away lately- not just because I’m growing older- today!- but because I have a business idea and need to work on it constantly. Like writing, though, and almost any project that involves a lot of inspection and thought, breaks serve it well. So I’ve taken off a few days to deal with other stuff, before diving back in and working on it. I love having a project, as you could probably tell from the novel writing, episodic writing, movie making, etc..

I thought of this business idea while looking for more work a few weeks ago. I nonchalantly asked myself the question one day in the shower or on a bike ride, “What do I want to do, every day?”. My answer came really quickly- work on this project I’ve been doing with my niece. The funny thing is that this question usually stumps me when it’s usually the second question. The first one being, “Should I work at XYZ” “Should I start a cafe/retail” etc. then I think, “do I want to work there every day?” So I turned it on its ear and asked, “where DO I want to work every day?”

I’m being cagey about what it is because I’ve realized the big risks are: finding out someone else is doing it, not focusing on its uniqueness, and not quickly delivering it.

But, after asking a lot of friends and acquaintances to choose, between three names, I have a name: Annaboka (anna-book in Swedish) (and I got the domain:

I’m going to go back to the novel for editing in ’08, but probably not until February. Paid gigs and the business idea get January!