art school break


I’m recovering slowly from being sick, and strangely one or two things really stood out as what I miss most about being healthy. How, when you’re healthy, you don’t really think about your health. I mean, you do, but not as #1 important thing going on in every moment– that self-consciousness about your body and its responses to things. Second is a routine I never really noticed, which is, when I’m working from home, to pop over to Il Sapore cafe on Lombard and get a cappuccino, lately decaf. It’s the art school hangout, for the school up on Chestnut & Art Academy. I overhear random professor talks, look at the extremely bad art on the wall, and it just feels like college. Usually there’s some student splurging on a quiche and coffee.

Sally and I, above, pose for this kind of photo quite a lot. Right hand death grip on coffee, side by side. See, circa 2002:

Pacific Grove

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