gridswap & mornings

North Point

I’ve been working for a long time on: gridswap. I took this script: drag & drop from the god of all things DHTML and UI: Walter Zorn!

My goal was to get people to be able to pick up and drop books from month to month in a yearly calendar. The complexity is that the example was a static X axis, and the Y axis moving around with user actions. So I made it a X & Y axis, introducing the variability of the X, and also submitting the new position in a form for storage (which month the book was in). I mostly struggled with how to handle the month div objects, which I finally realized I had to just ignore- well, add to a general “object size including margins” (instead of a definitive object size). My other struggle was handling the “snap” mechanism, which I had to replicate for the X axis. I introduced the concept of columns & rows, in able to determine the position in the array – that’s how the swapping occurs. So position in the array was the row + (column *3), or it could be column + (row*2), either. Kind of interesting in “beginning matrices” or somesuch class I’m sure I slept through in high school- now comes looming back into my life.

I’m working on one or two features but the drag & drop portion is done. Now it’s a “trash can” idea on the booklist page, and of course the ordering flow, and making the front page more accessible and fun.

I woke up at 5am this morning- a result of sore muscles & recovery from a long evening with rich food. Walked out to Aquatic Park and the sunrise light was amazing for about 20 minutes- warm orange and violets, and everyone is so friendly down on the water. It’s a real club.

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