Spring Cleaning, cont.


I got an allerga-cold, the allergies that devolve into a full blown cold, and the culprit, I believe rightly or wrongly, is dust. I can pretty much map directly exposure to large areas of dust (dive bar last week, Library book fair last year, cleaning out garage last spring…) to these alergacolds.

The great thing is that you can do something about it: went through my books and weeded out the losers, which I’m promptly selling on Amazon. God, what feels better than clearing out your bookshelf and sharing the love? Then, stripped and washed bed linens and this time gave them a 4-hour air bath, along with a mattress that I moved around every hour, in a big cold windy room, and washed the pillows, which also got an air bath.

I was channeling some German grandmother or Scandinavian relative in the 1800s where airing things out, hot water and lye was pretty much all there was- but missing the bundles of dried lavender which really would have added that certain something.

Dusted behind the stereo- revved up the vacuum- threw out all wood pulp objects (old newspapers) that I could get my hands on.

Dust be gone!