Hom.i.c.id.e: Singing in the Tunnel


Vincent walked through the Broadway Tunnel. He wore his iPod earphones, and shoved his hands in the pockets of his black hoodie. The tunnel was long and spooky, but it sure beat climbing over Russian Hill. His beer buzz would dull out the pain, but he was barely sober enough to get home as it was. He’d been at karaoke for five hours and his voice was hoarse. It sounded kind of sexy and he belted out the last line of a Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. The acoustics here rocked, but man, was he toast. He had about 10 Tsing Tao’s at Silver Cloud. He was angry at his ex-girlfriend, because she kept….

He sensed someone behind him. He started to pull out his earphones so he could turn around, when everything went black.

Chapter 2 in hom.i.c.id.e. Read Chapter 1: Phantom Buses