Sewing Photo Story: Beach Cover

So I thougth I’d take sequential photos of my latest sewing project: a beach cover for my sis! Here is my sister. Isn’t she cute?

Jen and me

So we talked, and decided to make a beach cover that’s like one she has that is made of terry cloth, but will dry faster.

beach cover drawings

I bought the fabric (last Friday). I washed it- last 2 days. So today, ready to embark.

not quite ready yet

So, first need to iron 3 yards of fabric.


Then, do some cleaning.


Do some hard, cold, calculations:


Make some marks for cutting; I use purple crayon.

marking it up

After a lot of nailbiting, second-guessing, compromises, and re-measuring, finally cut, fold in half and symmetrically cut.

first cut

I make boob darts so it’s semi-fitted.

boob darts

Sew side seams (no photos, sorry) French ones! Nicer. And then, pin the hoodie on the neckline. I like pleats more than gathers.

attach hoodie

Sew on bias tape on armholes. You can see the French seams from the hoodie there too.

armhole bias tape

I’m not really thinking that much ahead- just one or two steps. So now I have the neckline, and hoodie edging to finish with bias tape. I think I’ll go on a run. Good work today, though, and hopefully she’ll like it!