Fish Hash

New recipe from The Jungle Effect, with my own twists.

3 red small potatoes or yukon gold, sliced
1 small fillet of white fish (I just ask at the counter what is inexpensive & local)
fresh sprigs of rosemary
olive oil
3 cloves garlic (peeled, whole)
salt, pepper
1/2 T butter
1 T milk

Heat oil in pan, add sliced potatoes. When almost done, add garlic, rosemary leaves. Cook about 10 minutes more. Cool and mash (with fork, because I don’t have a masher.)

Heat pan full of water – I use double-broiler. About 5 or 6 cups. When boiling, add fish. Let it cook until it’s flaky, a few minutes. Remove and put on a plate or towel and flake.

Add the fish to the mashed potatoes with butter & milk! Salt and pepper to taste.

This is my new comfort food, and easily rotated into my roladex of recipes. I think I’ve made it 3X since reading the book- more than any other recipe. Her recipe is basically the same without the rosemary and garlic. I think it adds some flavor. Health-wise, she says small, waxy potatoes are better for you, with skins on. I think it adds a nice texture. This is super filling, too. I got rockfish today for only $2.50, the rosemary was probably the most expensive ingredient, but it can be picked fresh in many places (for free, haha).

More reading: Interview & recipe with author Daphne Miller, in local paper Noe Valley Voice. The Jungle Effect: Dr. Daphne Miller Finds Clues to a Healthy Diet