Are you a rock star engineer?!?

Then we want you!

Do you show up at work at 3PM? That’s right, roll on into work with jeans covered in the Burt Reynolds – yes – Cool-Aid and Jaeger. YUM!

Do you approach code like a rock star? Do you write your own code in your own language (you made up), writing for 24 hours straight, discussing with no one and submitting with one commit that says “Done.”? Do you avoid CoPilot or anything that makes your job faster because “writing in VIM is simpler” and “vinyl sounds better.” We want you! Do you not give a sh*t what your manager, groupies or wife think? Yes! We want you!

We want you to bring the team together with a piece of paper posted in the men’s last stall of the bathroom of ReactConf with a few words about how you like to party, smeared with your sweat and some urine, and a final line that says: Drummer needed.

After pushing to production, do you like to go immediately to get super greasy breakfast and sit around smoking, drinking coffee and unconsciously yelling the f-bomb (because you were at a LOUD show the night before). Do you ignore pages from Datadog and Sentry that your builds are failling and nobody can get in? Leave that to the intern, it’s time to refuel!

After a gruelling release, do you hit a deep depression and hide away in your parent’s basement going over old albums and ignoring calls? Maybe standing on a bridge looking out over the Hudon River for hours, wondering if anyone gets your art? Sounds like you’re our man.

That’s right, mostly music is a white man’s game, so it goes unsaid. While we like Prince, he was one in a million. We love all music but opera (objective-c) and country (Ruby on Rails).