Another thread on my phone (part 2)

Drip sup thats cap bro
Emerson get on your switch
No mic on switch. I need a PC!!!!!
Yeah switch is for babies
you’re a baby
why cant u get a PC
Dad says he needs $$ for it. didnt have a job for so long
what do they do when they need money?
go to atm
can he go to an atm
apple pay baby
u r a baby
they need a better job
shud we write another resume
no no they need to stay at roblox
make their boss pay them more
should we tell them that “pay my dad more”
yeah yeah
but like, not from a kid “pay me more cuz i rock”
cuz I am the goat
do it do it!
i have his number 1 minute. wait wait, they will know it is us
use chatgpt
im typing quit messaging me
ok let me paste it here
i put can you make this sound like an adult “pay me more cuz i rock”
chatgpt says

Certainly, here’s a more mature and assertive way to express that sentiment: “I believe my contributions and performance warrant a higher compensation.”
what does assertive meean
u r an ass ish person i think
ok whatever send it!
im dying what is happening
wait mom is facetiming me. oh shit i sent it on her phone
back. she was mad but was like its done. i will have consequences :(((

hey bro what happened
she got mad then happy. grownups are so weird. like yelling then read her email then something about more money but more work?
why do they think this is so hard?
do your dad!!!
im scared he will be so mad
do it do it do it do it